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Poetry and Poems

Get involved in our free and ticketed poetry events across the Bournemouth Writing Festival

Poetry Hub

In partnership with the Winchester Poetry Festival

Head to The Avenue shopping centre to take part in FREE poetry activities together with local poets. Whether you are a complete beginner and want to explore poetry, or want to be challenged into writing something else, then come along and try out our free, family-friendly, drop-in poetry activities inspiring word play and expression.​

Plus, special guests:

Saturday 10am to 5pm, ground floor (towards the back of the centre)

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Poetry Talks

Five inspirational talks to learn about Poetry on Saturday 27th April 2024

Located at The Avenue shopping centre on Saturday, we have five poets giving talks on poetry.

  • Emilie Fiirgaard and Tom Masters. Poetry for Beginners - Finding Your Poetic Voice. 10am. Book here

  • Anne Peterson. New Life for Old Poems. 11:30am. Book here

  • Matt Miles. The Job of a Blog God - Making Poetry Pay: How To Weave Well-Written Words Into A Worthy Wage. 1pm. Book here

  • Myriam San Marco. Write your Poetry Manifesto. 2:30pm. Book here

  • Fay Roberts. The Rising Tide. 4pm. Book here

All tickets are £8.50 (including booking fees) and are bookable from the Pavilion Dance website - but take place on the ground floor of The Avenue.

Beth Calverely Poetry Machine. Photo Credit Oh Magazine & Amanda Thomas.jpg


The Poetry Machine

Free poems created in conversation with you!


Poet Beth Calverley will be joining us with her magical Poetry Machine in the Bandstand in the Lower Gardens.


Beth will ask you some gentle questions and weave your words into a typewritten poem to take away with you. Just follow the clatter of her vintage typewriter and look out for the machine's bright yellow umbrella, flagpole and bubble engine...


Feel free to come on your own or bring a friend or group. Pop by on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th between 10am and 4pm and sign up on Beth’s chalkboard.

Photo credit: Oh Magazine and Amanda Thomas


The Stanza Room; a qwerty type of magic

Enter the Stanza Room and let the timeless tap of the typewriter transform your poetic imagination.


Slip back to a time when songs, poems and whole stories were tapped out through the beat of the typewriter. Fear not the dreaded blank page. With this immersive experience, you are invited to explore the ‘tappings’ of your own imagination.


The Stanza room offers a collection of manual typewriters and creative prompts to help you type-and-write. Add your creations to those on display, and become part of a new generation of ‘Type Writers’.


In addition, there will be a number of typewriter performances during the weekend, in which we will explore the musical potential of the typewriter.

Located in the Bandstand in Lower Gardens, Mark Rutter and Judy Waite from the University of Winchester will be on-hand to guide anyone and everyone through the experience.

Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 5pm.


Writing on the Beach

Let the wind seize your words and send them spinning out to sea from our writer’s washing line strung across Bournemouth beach. Write your poems, dreams, hopes, stories, imaginings on sheets, pin them up and share them with the elements and beach walkers.


An informal, drop-in activity with Chris Aziz - Saturday 27th April from 10:30am to 1pm.

Located by the Zipline landing post, to the East of Bournemouth Pier.

The Poetry Project

Dotted around our poetry activities will be 50 inspirational quotes and poems from The Poetry Project.

The Poetry Project has been doing positive things for mental health awareness in the UK, Australia, and America since 2018. As well as appearing around the world, it is also a community-based project that is all about grass roots and bringing local communities together with messages of hope and support. The project is all about having positive, empowering, and motivational messages on display in public areas to promote well-being and raise awareness of mental health issues. 

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