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Children and Schools

We've got writing activities, exercises and creative writing workshops.

For all children's activities, parents are free and do not need a ticket.

For activities happening in The Avenue, head upstairs to the South Coast Makers Market and the room is towards the back next to the cafe. 

Map Magic: Create Your Own Island of Adventure!

Design a treasure map for your own swashbuckling adventure story! A hands-on workshop designed for young explorers aged 6-11 with Alex English.

10am to 11am

Saturday 27th April 2024

The Avenue

Parents free

Incredible Creatures and
Wonderful Worlds

A workshop aimed at young writers aged 8 to 16 years interested in fantasy writing! With Chantelle Atkins from Chasing Driftwood.

1pm to 2pm

Saturday 27th April 2024

The Avenue

Parent free

Goodies, Baddies and a Sprinkle of Magic

Join the “Goodies, baddies and Magic” creative writing workshop and let your imagination run wild. Suitable for 5-11 year olds. With Lorna Child.

4pm to 5pm

Saturday 27th April 2024

The Avenue

Parents free

FREE Activities

There are lots of free activities to inspire children to write, including:

Writing on the Beach (Saturday)

Poetry Hub (Saturday)

Typewriter activities (Sat & Sun)

Found Poetry
For Children and Young People

Found poetry is a great way to introduce young writers to poetry. Ideal for children aged 8-16. With Chantelle Atkins from Chasing Driftwood.

11:30am to 12:30pm

Saturday 27th April 2024

The Avenue

Parents free

Wild Writing

Create a wild story world in this fun-filled workshop for young writers aged 7-12. Bring paper and pencils! With Rachel Boucher (was Sophie Kirtley).

2:30pm to 3:30pm

Saturday 27th April 2024

The Avenue

Parents free

Word Wizards Beach Walk

How to cast spells with words, telling and crafting beautiful stories. Ideal for children aged 7 to 10. With Jane Labous.

10:00am to 11:30am

Sunday 28th April 2024

Meet at Pavilion Dance and will walk to the Russell Cotes Museum.

Parents free

Events are subject to change.

Bournemouth Writing Festival is not responsible for the content of the events.

Poetry Hub

Don't forget there are FREE poetry activities to do and explore in our poetry hub in The Avenue (Saturday only) and the Bandstand in the Lower Gardens, as well as free Writing on the Beach (Saturday only)

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