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December Networking Event

Our networking meetup on 1st December at THIS Workspace in Bournemouth drew our November writing events to an end. Writers and authors - both published and self-published - mingle at our informal event to celebrate the end of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Throughout November, the Bournemouth Writing Festival put on a series of sessions to inspire writers to write and to support them on their writing journey.

Every Saturday in November, a co-writing cocoon in Bobbys was provided where writers could focus on their manuscripts away from the distractions of home, surrounded by other writers. On each Wednesday in November, online accountability sessions were held to make sure writers were on track with their research and word counts. Finally, private 1-2-1 sessions with writing coaches and experts were put on to help writers with specific issues and problems they were having - to get a professional's view and guidence.

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