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New Private Facebook Group for Writers

A writing group to support, inspire and find other writers.

The Bournemouth Writing Festival aims to inspire writers to write, regardless of where you are on your writing journey.

We know that writing - by definition - is a lonely business.

So the group has been created to let you know there are other writers out there, supporting and encouraging you. Use this safe space to ask questions, find beta-readers, organise meet-ups, get feedback (for example on a book cover design) and help you with elements of the process of writing.

Perhaps you want to know more about manuscript assessments, how to create a strong protagonist for your novel, need help with ghostwriting or a critical friend to look over your query letter or synopsis before sending it off to a literary agent. This is the community for you.

The group is NOT a sales page - so do not

promote your books or services - or you will be removed.

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