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November Writing Events for NaNoWriMo

Throughout November, the Bournemouth Writing Festival put on several events and sessions aimed at supporting writers and authors to improve and progress their writing.

One-two-one writing surgeries with experts and professionals were put on, as well as a co-writing cocoon - a private space at Bobbys in Bournemouth where writers could focus on their manuscripts and get their word counts up without the distractions from home. Drinks and nibbles were provided throughout the day, and we all went for lunch to get to know each other a bit better.

There were also online accountability sessions where we set targets, supported and motivated each other and helped give pointers, insights and tips when the going got tougher.

Two networking events also took place - one at the beginning of the month and one on 1st December 2023.

Writing professional and author Valerie French in a 1-2-1 writing surgery with a local writer.

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