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Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy


The Bournemouth Writing Festival inspires all writers to write – regardless of ability, background or where you are on your writing journey. We know everyone has a story to tell and we want to provide the inspiration, tools and confidence to allow all voices to be heard.


From the very first festival, we strive to create an inclusive, diverse, representative and welcoming environment. The results of which we are incredibly proud. As the festival, and its events, grows we are committed to ensuring this continues. We know we are not there yet but we are taking positive steps to ensure we represent as many communities as possible.


Underpinning this pledge is to treat every person with kindness, respect and openness – after all, we never know what personal journey people are on. The Festival is proactive in embedding diversity and inclusion throughout all that we do, and discrimination of any sort – whether it be on the grounds of race, gender, ethnicity, visible or unseen disabilities, sexual orientation, heritage, religion, age, family status, social class or education – is not tolerated.


At a time of increasing political censorship around the world, the Bournemouth Writing Festival recognises United Nations Article 19 and Article 10 in the Human Rights Act that protects people’s rights to freedom of expression. Sometimes, however, through people’s personal writing and expressions, thoughts and opinions of others may differ from your own. We ask all artists and audience members to be mindful of inclusivity, diversity and equality principles and to receive any work presented at this event with a generous spirit and an open mind.


Thank you.


Dominic Wong

Festival Director


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