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What Makes a Successful Writing Group?

View our free video following our online seminar hosted by Emma Scattergood.

If you’ve decided 2024 will be the year you write or sell your book, then a good writing group will be hugely valuable, if not essential.

Whether you are looking for one to join, a participant in an existing group or about to host a new one (including our Writers’ Haven), we’ll talk about techniques, format and etiquette that make an effective writing group.

Writer and Creative Path mentor Emma Scattergood (former Senior Lecturer on MA Creative Writing & Publishing at BU) has experienced all types of writing groups over the years. In this talk, she will share what she has learned, offering her suggestions on how to create a writing group that nurtures, inspires, informs and WORKS if you are serious about putting your writing out into the world.

The recorded link is available at

After over 20 years of working as a writer and editor for some of the UK’s biggest publishing brands, Emma designed and launched Bournemouth University's MA Creative Writing & Publishing, Fresher Publishing press and The Bournemouth Writing Prize. She then supervised Masters students as they developed their novels or short story collections. She also ran the Design, Editing and Publishing unit which guided students as they edited and published a variety of anthologies.

Emma now runs The Creative Path and delivers creative workshops in association with the Southwest Coast Path Association, encouraging others to explore and develop their potential on the Coast Path by engaging with creative play in the wild. She also works for ArtfulScribe as a lead facilitator on its community story gathering projects, delivering creative writing workshops.

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