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Celebrating Young Writers: Dorset Schools and Home Education Creative Writing Competition 2024

The Bournemouth Writing Festival's 2024 Schools and Home Education Creative Writing Competition showcased the literary talents of young writers from Dorset. The competition invited students to explore nature through their writing, fostering creativity and a deeper connection to the environment.

The Competition Theme and Judging

This year's theme, "Nature," encouraged children to reflect on and celebrate the natural world that we have here in Dorset. Submissions included stories and poems that highlighted the beauty, complexity, and wonder of nature by putting themselves in the shoes (talons?!) of an albatross that had blown off-course and landed in Dorset. Together with Dorset goes WILD and judges from Hengistbury Head Writer's Group, the competition garnered entries from home-educated children, primary and secondary schools in Dorset, England.

Teachers and educators received free education resources, information sheets and even a special video from Chris Packham to help inspire the children.

In addition to the primary winners, several other participants received recognition for their outstanding work. Runners-up and highly commended entries were awarded certificates and nature-inspired books, promoting a continued appreciation for the environment and literature. Winning entries were displayed at Bournemouth Library.

Photo credit: Solid Imagery

Prizes and Recognition

Winners received exciting prizes, including tickets to the Bournemouth Oceanarium, Abbotsbury Swannery and Marwell Zoo, offering them a chance to further explore and connect with the natural world. These prizes were chosen to inspire and reward the young writers for their creative efforts.

A special celebration for the winners took place during the Festival itself.

The success of the 2024 competition highlights the vibrant literary culture within Dorset's educational community and underscores the value of creative writing as a tool for personal and intellectual growth.

For a detailed list of winners and more information about the competition, visit the website.

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