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Tapas Networking Event - Conto Lounge Winton

Last night, 40 local authors and writers from across Dorset and Bournemouth descended on to Winton, where we had an enjoyed evening talking books, literature and all things writing!

Writers' networking meetup Dorset
Writers' networking meetup Dorset

Over tapas and wine in our private area in the Conto Lounge, a wide range of topics and writers talked about publishing, book launches and inspirations. One lady was just beginning on her writing journey whilst one writer was preparing for their forthcoming book launch next week. He was telling us what marketing he was doing in preparation, with lots of advice and ideas from others.

Writers' networking event Bournemouth

These networking meetups reinforce the fantastic and supportive community we have here on the south coast - knowing that there are other writers and authors in our local area to draw inspiration, and friendship, from.

Some of the testimonials we received:

“As my first toe-in-the-water at a networking event, it was great. I met some lovely people”

“These socials are inspiring and productive. Can't wait for the next one.”

“A very enjoyable evening”

“So inspiring to spend time with other writers!”

“Excellent evening”

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